Thursday, December 31, 2009

A treasure trove of Robotech 3 concept art

Roger Harkavy stumbled upon envelopes containing over a hundred pages of concept art from MOSPEADA, or as I always thought of it - - the third Robotech tv series. Below are a few highlights, including the motorcycle that morphed into battle armor, and the original samurai-esque look of the mecha:

You can download the entire pdf here. Via.

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SciFi Fairy Tales: Pigs In Spaaaace

For this month's art contest, Matthew Blissard sent the three pigs into outer space. Maybe the last pig's ship is built out of unobtainium?

There's still time to submit an entry for the SciFi Fairy Tales art contest.

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SciFi Fairy Tales: Last two entries?

Are these the last entries in the SciFi Fairy Tales art contest?

Little Bowman Blue. Erek Jones mashes up 2001 and Little Boy Blue.

They put him back together. Now he wants revenge. HMT-DMT. Shane Parker updates Humpty Dumpty.

There's still time left to participate in the contest.

Alice in Wonderland-esque furniture (link roundup)

Anthropomorphic and melting furniture on sale here. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Poland keeps demanding that England turn over the chicken poachers hiding there.

2. Charmingly off-kilter cake.

3. Impressive/creepy spider closeups.

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Workers heroically erect a lamp post (link roundup)

Iwo Jima homage - - spotted in Nik Daum's latest photo gallery from Shanghai. Don't miss the photo of hikers looking at the city far below.

And a few more links:

1. Nazi werewolf.

2. Ten more minutes of Final Fantasy 13.

3. Simple, fun flash game about a penguin fleeing an avalanche. Via.

*Previously: Werewolf paper toy.

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Sonic Youth concert poster (link roundup)

Sonic Youth concert poster - - one of several by Bob O'Herlihy posted here.

And a few more links:

1. Dunnys by Tara McPherson, Amanda Visell and more for the upcoming Fatale series.

2. Ukulele-playing alien paper toy by Matt Hawkins.

3. What happened to the hominids that had brains much larger than humans? Via.

*Previously: Noise: Fiction Inspired by Sonic Youth.

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Big Daddy doll (Bioshock)

Cuddly Big Daddy doll by Chiikake, whose gallery is full of cute creations likes this:

*Previously: Homemade Big Daddy dolls.

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How to make a mask with Photoshop (link roundup)

How to make a mask with Photoshop via these sites.

And a few more links:

1. Move over sandbags, here comes the Portable Lightweight Ubiquitous Gasket (PLUG).

2. I highly, highly recommend the restaurant Bouchon. (Especially the butterscotch pot de creme.)

3. Doktor Machine.

*Previously: New group promoting women's issues has acronym TNA.

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Papercraft Joker "I Scream" truck (link roundup)

Download the Joker "I Scream" truck paper toy here. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Play Age of Conan for free.

2. That elephant doodle will not help you pass the test.

3. Krampus by Daniel Davis.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Hope animated (link roundup)

A classic scene from Star Wars A New Hope is given a surprising twist in this short cartoon by Juan Manuel Urbina and Carlo Guillot for the Star Wars Uncut project. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Adorable girl in a lion suit wood toy.

2. Robot 13 pinup by Motorbot.

3. Save your money - - generic store brands do well in taste tests. Via.

*Previously: Indiana Jones Lego CubeDude.

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SciFi Fairy Tales: Rapunzel lets her hair down. Way down.

Shannon Reeves' (age 11) submission for this month's SciFi Fairy Tales art contest puts Rapunzel in outer space. Nice work Shannon.

There's a little less than two days left to participate in the contest.

*Previously: A more mundane Rapunzel.

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Win some adorable ultraviolence for your home

UPDATE: Contest is closed, Miles won and has been contacted.

JSalvador of Super Emo Friends fame is back with new artwork, this time honoring A Clockwork Orange. You can buy the Droogies print or pinset at Etsy.

And you can win a Droogies print right now. Simply comment on this post by 8:00 pm California time this Sunday January 3, and make sure your comment includes your email so I can contact you. One comment per person, and I apologize but this contest is limited to residents of the United States and Canada.

*At Toycutter: A Clockwork Orange Playmobil figure.

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Smashed skull

Shattered skull/lightbulb t-shirt by Brock Davis on sale at Threadless, where all shirts are still just $10.

And don't forget, there's still a few days left to try to win a $100 Threadless credit.

Big Daddy Roth-style DeLorean

Big Daddy Roth-style DeLorean by Goose. It's one of several t-shirts celebrating the DeLorean on sale here.

*Previously: Big Daddy Roth-style Tiki.

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Many-eyed monster wreath (link roundup)

Many-eyed monster wreath by Mandy Jouan, who has various items on sale at Etsy.

And a few more links:

1. Reebok claims its shoes will tone your butt and legs, and according to the NY Times, bases that claim on "a single study involving just five people, not published in a peer-reviewed academic journal."

2. Interactive database and map that includes test score data for all Los Angeles Unified School District magnet programs.

3. Read about "The Lobster All-Sky X-Ray Monitor."

*Previously: McDonald's serves lobster.

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Book Cover Roundup

Five book covers that recently caught my eye. All links are to Amazon:

Cheers!: An Intemperate History of Beer in Canada

Outlaws!: Adventures of Pirates, Scoundrels, and Other Rebels

The Original of Laura

The Tattoo Artist: A Novel

The Irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British Spy Ring in Wartime Washington
*See more of my favorite book covers here.

T-shirts celebrating Jaws and The Fly (link roundup)

Newest t-shirts from Last Exit to Nowhere: Quint's Shark Fishing (Jaws) and Bartok Science Industry (The Fly).

And a few more links:

1. "If sex is used to market a nonsexual product, that product is generic." Via.

2. New Delhi has spectacular traffic jams. Via.

3. Xeni Jardin's long and thoughtful response to Demi Moore's threat to sue Boing Boing.

*Previously: The Fly at 50.

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