Saturday, January 31, 2009

Magical video of a master making noodles by hand

After reading today that Kung Fu Panda won 15 "Annies" at the 36th Annie Awards, and that WALL-E won none, I finally got around to watching it. As I suspected, I hated it, just as I've hated every other Dreamworks movie I've seen. (Aside from Shrek, which had its moments.) My 4-year-old and 2-year-old also had no interest.

However, the extras include a video of Danny Yip, executive pasta chef at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills making noddles by hand. I've never seen that done before, and it is magical:

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A whole bunch of papercraft robots

Go here to download a whole bunch of robot paper toys. Via.

*Find dozens of easy papercraft projects here.

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Pittsburgh Steelers-themed Super Bowl logo

The Pittsburgh Steelers win their sixth ring in this design by Felix Stockwell. It's one of several Super Bowl logos on display at the NY Times, including a Simpsons-themed one by 344 Design.

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Rainbow-vomiting unicorn (link roundup)

Rainbow-vomiting unicorn by Rakka. Here's Rakka's currently empty Etsy shop. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Cash4Gold has an ad during the Super Bowl. Get ready by reading about how they allegedly offered someone several thousand dollars to take down a description of their shady business practices.

2. Now here's a story idea. Court documents say:

Nathaniel James Nicholson of Eugene, Oregon, traveled throughout the world using coded e-mail messages to plot meeting locations with the Russians, and received tens of thousands of dollars on behalf of his convicted spy father, Harold James Nicholson.
Read more.

3. List of stores offering free 3D glasses as a tie in to the Monsters vs. Aliens Super Bowl ad.

4. Don't like football coverage? Watch Twin Peaks instead. Via.

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Robot Valentine paper toy

Robot Valentine by Christopher Beaumont. Download the paper toy here.

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Charming super hero art by Allan Sanders

Head over to Allan Sanders' Flickr gallery for charmingly cheerful versions of Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and more.

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Identified Ye Old English Dunnys on sale

Tenacious Toys and Fugitive Toys both have identified Ye Old English Dunnys on sale, including this car accident by Shok-1.

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Plum Superman?

Google translate didn't help me very much in my efforts to figure out who these vinyl toys were. It did indicate that this little fellow was called "Plum Superman":

Update: Jake informed me the characters are from a show called Dr. Slump. I believe the character is called "Suppaman" and you can see another Suppaman toy at Flickr. And Shoma explains that his name is a play on "suppai", which means "sour" in Japanese. Thank you both for the explanation.

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Chinese Darth Vader's lightsaber makes people's clothing disappear

This is Darth Vader as he appeared in a Chinese movie called "Hex." Go here for more stills and a description of the movie. Apparently, he's some kind of ghost and when he hits people with his lightsaber, their clothing disappears. (The link is safe for work.)

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New specimen box by Alex CF

Alex CF finished a new Cthulhu-themed specimen box:

The first of which is this piece, recovered from the Estate of the late geologist William Dyer, a professor from Miskatonic University, massachusetts. It is a specimen case, containing a large quantity of marine flora, and extra terrestrial fauna.
In late 1930, Dyer, accompanied by a large exploration party began an expedition to Antarctica. During this trip various unique fossil specimens were found and drove the scientists to veer from their planned path. It lead them to a mountain range greater than that of the Himalayas. Beyond this, a cyclopean city of alien magnitude - the many million year old remnants of a race known in the pages of the fabled pnakotic manuscipts as the Elder ones.

Contained within this specimen case is the dissected form of an infant Elder; the preserved plastic form of a cellular abomination and slave race known as the The Shoggoth.

And hidden amongst ancient relics, bizarre star shaped talismans, a plethora of samples - is a page of that hellish book, the skin bound, hateful incarnation of prehistoric lore; the book of dead names - The Necronomicon...
Go here for lots of high res photos and to commission your own specimen box.

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Video Tutorial: How to draw snake scales

The Black Axe demonstrates how to draw scales:

How To Draw Snake Scales from The Black Axe on Vimeo.

Here's The Black Axe store.

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Danboard desktop wallpapers

Ryoku Kasinn has posted some terrific desktop wallpaper-sized images of Revoltech's Danboard toy.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Coraline Box #40

The creators of Coraline sent out 50 handmade boxes to some of their favorite bloggers. Each box is unique and includes items from the movie. Box #40 belongs to Ironic Sans and features headless dog bodies:

You can see the rest of the boxes I've found to date here. And for all things Coraline, including interviews, giveaways, and reviews of the books, toys, and videogames, visit Evil Buttons.

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$12 t-shirt sale at Design By Humans

A few of the t-shirts on sale for $12 at Design By Humans.

Two funny Threadless submissions

I wouldn't wear them as t-shirts, but these two Threadless submissions gave me a laugh. Links are to the artists' sites. You can vote for the designs by clicking on the voting widgets.

"Thomas Edison" by Let's Make Art.

Thomas Edison - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

"Apology Accepted" by Thomas De Santis

Apology Accepted - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

*Previously: Wheelchair with a flamethrower.

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Merlion poster by EMEK

A merlion (mermaid lion) stars in this concert poster for The Prodigy by EMEK. Via.

*Previously: Merlion statue.

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Concept poster for Big Trouble in Little China

Poster for Big Trouble in Little China by Travis Pitts.

*Previously: Big Daddy Roth meets Big Trouble in Little China.

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Desktop Wallpaper: Red flowers on a blue background

Go here to download a desktop wallpaper featuring red flowers on a blue background. The same gallery also features a desktop wallpaper-sized photo of a blimp.

*Previously: The flowers are still standing.

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How to make rice krispies "sushi" (recipe link roundup)

1. Recipe for Rice Krispies and candy "sushi."

2. How to salt water for boiling is the most commented on recipe at Epicurious, and the comments are hilarious. For example:

I am frustrated with these "advanced" recipes. Does everyone think we're ALL professional chefs?? I can't tell at what point to add the salt, and what kind of salt? Kosher? Fleur de Sal? Iodized? And then what kind of water? Tap? Distilled? Artesian? How long do I boil it? I am so confused. Please, Epicurious, screen your recipes better.

3. Recipe for spaghetti in creamy pea sauce with crisped prosciutto.

4. Recipe for spaghetti alla boscaiola (spaghetti with tomato sauce and mushrooms).

5. Recipe for guacamole and bacon dip.

6. Hot bacon-blue cheese dip recipe.

7. Bacon and shrimp fingers recipe.

*Find previously posted recipes here.

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Gangster-inspired packaging for spices

Gangster-inspired packaging by MondoVox for The Spice Outfit, Chicago. A variety of spices are available online here. Via.

*Previously: Gangster Bert and Ernie.

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Nancy Dorsner's Robot and Squid Valentines

Nancy Dorsner created a terrific robot-themed Valentine. Download it here and then check out her anti-Valentine design contest.

And she's also posted some squid Valentines:

*Previously: Video of a lion hugging and kissing a woman.

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Abe Lincoln, the steam-powered emancipator (link roundup)

Steam-powered Abe Lincoln poster by Tom Whalen.

And a few more links:

1. Win an illustration by San Smith.

2. Funny party invitation.

3. Patrick Francisco hid a custom Dunny in New York. It's already been found, but he's thinking of doing it again.

4. There's some indication the company responsible for the salmonella/peanut butter mess knew it was shipping a tainted product. Via.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Letter beads desktop wallpaper (link roundup)

Letter beads desktop wallpaper available here. Via.

And a few more links:

1. ESPN hosted an online chat with Jared, of Subway commercial fame. The questions all had to be provided by a plant, right?

2. Taco Bell colored the water dispenser button black and put up a sign falsely saying the dispenser did not provide water.

3. Road construction signs hacked to warn of zombie invasion. Video here.

4. Forget any global warming scares you might hear from the White House. Obama keeps the thermostat so high you could "grow orchids" in winter. Via.

*Find more desktop wallpapers here.

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Armored tiger monster

Jeff Srsic turned a Judas Priest album cover into this tank/tiger monster. The work will be part of the "Garage Days: Resurrected" art show opening January 31 at RedLetter1 in Tampa. Via.

Here's the original album cover, which featured an armored mandrill

The album is called Defenders of the Faith and is available at Amazon.

*Previously: Tiger doodle.

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The Creature from the Black Lagoon as a little army man?

I love this Creature from the Black Lagoon/Little Army Man mashup toy by Suckadelic. On sale for $25 here, and you can see photos of the creation process here.

Relatedly, check out this Creature from the Black Lagoon wind-up toy I just spotted at eBay:

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