Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grand Theft Auto: Spider-Man

Grand Theft Auto: Spider-Man and GTA: Dark Knight. See also GTA: Tarzan.

"Spider 'Resurrections' Take Scientists by Surprise"


Scientists at the University of Rennes in France collected three species of wolf spider—two from salt marshes, one from a forest. The team immersed 120 females of each species in seawater, jostling the spiders with brushes every two hours to see if they responded.

As expected, all the forest wolf spiders (Pardosa lugubris) apparently died after 24 hours. The two salt marsh-dwelling species took longer—28 hours for Pardosa purbeckensis and 36 hours for Arctosa fulvolineata.

After the "drownings," the researchers, hoping to weigh the spiders later, left them out to dry. That's when things began to get weird.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Criterion Collection-Style Video Game Box Art

Many more on display here and here.

Blanka sculpture

Blanka sculpture by Duzty.

"H.G. Wells' 'War of the Worlds' was an allegory about the injustice of European imperial rule of Africa, China and India."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Book about vintage mascots

Ad Boy: Vintage Advertising with Character features images of roughly 500 largely-obscure, abandoned, and forgotten mascots from 20th Century ads, including:

Monday, April 27, 2009

"The Girl and the Robot" by Royksopp and Robyn

Here's a live performance:

Inspector Gadget toy

More photos here.

High class insult cards

These and more on sale at Etsy.

Satyr Stilt Legs

By Kim Graham.

More at her site, including this treeman:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Woman sends stripper to her 10 year high school reunion

Andrea Wachner decided to send a stripper to her 10-year high school reunion and had a film crew follow her around.

"It's Not Lupus" t-shirt

House has a mystery disease that is not lupus in today's $9 (plus shipping) Tee Fury t-shirt by Olechka.

*Previously: Poster for House.

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Paradox logo (link roundup)

Christopher Simmons makes clever use of chicken and egg in this logo for Paradox. One of Alex Cornell's three favorite logos.

And a few more links:

1. Steampunk Uncle Sam.

2. Eyeball in a mousetrap desktop wallpaper (it's not remotely as gross as it sounds).

3. Low points in Todd Marinovich's life included cutting his hand on a crack pipe and having an accident in his pants before football games. On the plus side, he was known for throwing the best stripper-filled party ever thrown by a Raiders rookie. Read all about it here, and feel better about not making the high school football team.

4. Just an observation about blogging. Ever wonder why some websites seem to link to fairly sleazy sites specializing in image theft? They're quite possibly participating in link exchanges.

*Previously: Mike Mignola definitively answers, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

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Sculptures by Greg Brotherton

Two metal sculptures by Greg Bortherton:

The Migraine Machine.

Three Prisoners.

He has a t-shirt on sale here.

*Previously: Minotaur and jackalope tv ad.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Best Covers: DC Comics Solicitations for July 2009

Here's my favorites of the DC Comics solicitations for July 2009 (all links are to the artist's sites):

Mostly for this fellow:


NORTH 40 #1 Cover by Fiona Staples, who draws a swell Jabba.

FABLES #86 Cover by Joao Ruas. The vampiric fellow seems to be someone named "Dunster Happ," who has no mention on Google, other than in the solicitation for this issue.

UPDATE: The creepy guy is the creature who lives in the dark. Dunster Happ is essentially a medieval ghostbuster. Probably the best single issue I read this year.

You can see the rest of the DC Comics solicitations for July 2009 here.

*Previously: Creepy art by Alex Ross.

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Bioshock 2 feature

There's lots of information, screenshots, and a video interview with the developers of Bioshock 2 (including footage of a Big Sister in action) here.

If you still haven't seen it, here's the fabulous opening to Bioshock:

And here's a cinematic encounter with a Big Daddy:

*Previously: Homemade Big Daddy toy.

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These won the Kings of Leon design contest?!

These are the first, second, and third place winners in the Kings of Leon t-shirt contest at Design By Humans:

They received 14, 63, and 14 votes, respectively. The first is inoffensive at best, the second is decent, and the third, well . . . .

By comparison, these are the two designs I previously mentioned:

Kings of Leon by tweetomat - - 5 votes.

Living pirate skull by deyaz - - 102 votes.

Man, weird designs win at Design By Humans. There's a huge sale on $12-$15 shirts there, by the way.

Also, there's a great article about Kings of Leon in this week's Rolling Stone (not online as far as I can tell). The singer's (Caleb) mom sews his ridiculously tight jeans.

*Previously: These won the Design by Humans Quiksilver contest?!

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Smoke Ninja

Smoke Ninja by Joe Alterio, who recently posted a bunch of new robot and monster commissions in his Flickr gallery. You can commission your own here.

*Previously: Plush ninja.

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Krang's Android Dunny (and more)

Recent posts at Toycutter, my custom toy blog, include:

1. Krang's Android Dunny (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

2. Eternity action figure (Marvel Comics).

3. Tintin Munny.

4. Usagi Yojimbo Dunny.

5. Grendel Prime Pez dispenser.

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Brett Engstrom is holding a sketch card sale

Brett Engstrom says:

I'm having a personal sketch card sell this month! My sketch cards will be $40.00 apiece instead of the usual $70.00 I'll draw anything you want. full color hand drawn cards for $40.00. Just let me know and I'll draw it! The sell will end May 15th.
Here's a sample of his work:

*Find other sketch card deals here.

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Metal sculptures by Nemo Gould

As I understand it, all of these sculptures (and more) are for sale, although no price is mentioned.

Metal Praying Mantis sculpture by Nemo Gold. Here's an Instructable for how to make it.


Giant squid.

One-eyed jackalope. Via.

*Previously: Plush praying mantis.

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Inside the heart of every Lego enthusiast beats a heart made of plastic

Plastic sprue of bones and Lego heart by Jason Freeny who says, "First [in] a series of illustrations/ads depicting the inner workings of toy fans. This one in honor of Lego enthusiasts..."

*Previously: Papercraft heart with moving gears.

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Giant octopus t-shirt

Giant octopus t-shirt by Jonah Block on sale at Threadless.

*Previously: Giant koi.

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The first five episodes of G.I. Joe Resolute

Here's the first five episodes of G.I. Joe Resolute, which do a great job maintaining the feel of the original cartoon series (minus the public service announcement). If they're taken down, watch the episodes as they're posted at Adult Swim.

Warren Ellis says, "Right now, it's looking like, on average, about 90% of what I wrote is making it to the finished articles."

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Fairy tale-themed art by Anne-Julie Aubry

Lots of Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, and other fairy tale-themed art available as prints, postcards, pocket mirrors, and boxes in Anne-Julie Aubry's Etsy shop:

She also has DS and iPhone skins on sale here:

*Previously: Little Red Riding Hood with a wolf pelt.

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