Monday, May 31, 2010

Red Sonja Art Contest Results

In no particular order, here are the excellent entries for this month's art contest - - Red Sonja:

Joe D!

Dean Reeves.

Shannon Reeves.

Carlos Melgares.

Carlos De Anda.

Alvaro Silva.

Steve Blackwell.


All excellent entries, but I chose Rory Phillips's illustration as the winner because I'd love to see an animated movie featuring the design:

Alan Friggieri and his Megan Fox as Red Sonja won the $25 credit:

Both should have received an email with their credit. Thanks to everyone for participating.

Dan Hipp art on sale cheap

Dan Hipp is selling completed illustrations for $20 and commissions for $40.

(I'd have already ordered one, but I have the hardest time thinking of something to request.)

Pit to hell opened in Guatemala

An astonishingly large sinkhole opened in Guatemala and swallowed a three-story building - - it's part of the devastation caused by a tropical storm. Boing Boing has some information about how to help (bottom of the post).

Exit Path (free game)

If Canabalt took place in the world of Portal, you'd have Exit Path, a fun free game featuring parkour and puzzle solving. Via.

*Previously: Using Portal to explain where babies come from.

*Buy companion cubes at eBay.

Cute photo of Leonard Nimoy and his son

Leonard Nimoy:

The makeup folks put ears on my son Adam to surprise me. A precious moment while shooting the original series.

*Previously: Leonard Nimoy in Mission: Impossible.

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Dog parkour

Impressive (and a funny parody of parkour videos). Via.

*Previously: Transhuman parkour.

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Extremely expensive DC Comics-inspired clothing

Batman t-shirt by Balmain.

Wonder Woman dress by Sonia Rykiel.

Green Lantern gloves by Karl Lagerfeld.

*Previously: Peter Pan purse.

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An illustrated guide to the gremlins living in your home (link roundup)

A handy guide by Christoph Niemann to the gremlins living in his (and mine and I'm sure your) home. Via.

And a few more links:

1. An international team is currently exploring the sunken ruins of Cleopatra's palace - - it slid into the ocean due to catastrophic earthquakes.

2. Castle cakes.

3. Roland Deschain fan art.

4. Colleen Coover is currently seeking sketch commissions.

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Star Wars The Old Republic Sith Warrior Trailer

New trailer shows off the Sith Warrior class for Star Wars The Old Republic. Via.

*At Toycutter: Custom Star Wars toys.

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This would make a good doorknocker

Sculptures to ward off the evil eye (known today as Facebook privacy invasions) by Don Pezzano, who has art on sale at Etsy.

*Previously: Peephole that watches you.

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Victorian Ghostbusters (and more)

Two of today's new Threadless t-shirts:

Victorian Ghostbusters by Riccardo Bucchioni.

Moby Dick and Ahab by Mat Hudson.

*If you're not busy today, why not participate in this month's art contest and win a $100 Threadless credit.

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Commando: War Stories In Pictures

Commando: War Stories In Pictures via these sites.

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