Saturday, July 31, 2010

Slimer Stormtrooper helmet

Slimer Stormtrooper helmet by Nicole Falk for the TK Project.

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Stormtrooper helmet customized by Katie Cook

Stormtrooper helmet covered in cute doodles by Katie Cook for the TK Project.

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Link roundup

1. After a year out of football, Pacman Jones is trying to make the Bengals. Ochocinco torched him in practice.

2. Fark on a CNN article:

Majority of Americans: Immigrants are lazy free-loaders who take our jobs by working harder for less pay.
3. I've been waiting for this feature for years - - Metroid The Other M will feature a cinema mode:
This theater-mode movie is about two hours in length and divided into chapters like a DVD film. It's not just the movie cutscenes straight from the game, though -- there's some pre-recorded gameplay bits to it as well, although those sections aren't recorded off your own moves as you beat the game.

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Lego Red Bull Air Racer

Lego Red Bull Air Racer by Ed Dimnet. (I love the Red Bull Air Race.) Via.

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Book covers by Buchanan-Smith

Three book covers by Buchanan-Smith. Links are to Amazon:


Speck: A Curious Collection of Uncommon Things

A Shortcut Through Time: The Path to the Quantum Computer Via these sites.

Vintage Tylenol Children's Packaging

Bus-shaped packaging
for Children's Tylenol. Here's a gallery of several more vintage vehicle-shaped packaging. Via.

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Link roundup

1. TechCrunch calls out Gawker over ethics.

2. The Mattel toys from Comicon will go on sale 8/2.

3. Wild, wild testimony in the Karen Sypher/Rick Pitino sex/blackmail trial.

Highlights from China Mieville's interview at i09

China Mieville answered several questions about his detective novel The City and The City.

Maps of The City and The City exist:

I did indeed draw them: three maps in fact. One the physical outlines of streets, then two maps that folded down on tape-hinges, drawn on tracing paper, with the environs of Beszel marked on one with lines in red running in one diagonal direction, and on the other Ul Qoma, in the other direction, in green, so when they were both overlaid I could see the separate areas and the overlap - the crosshatching.
His vision for the movie version:
Casting? I've had my idle ruminations. My own feeling is that it should be filmed, were it to be so, as absolutely simply as possible. Camera angles focusing on one architectural style in one city, a few fleeting glimpses of foreign passers by; other angles on other styles in the other; and in Breach a long, slow, 'Vertigo'-style panning in and pulling back, so that both styles come into shot at the same time. Keep the (effing) CGI out of it. Keep it super simple.

I think Csanyi is excellent, but a smidge young for BorlĂș. Honestly I don't know. If we're playing fantasy casting, I might as well go for people I'd like to meet, so let's say Brad Pitt (haggarded up a bit), Christian Bale as Dhatt, and the utterly incomparable Kenneth Cranham as Ashil. Then I can persuade Cranham to be King Rat, as well.
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Win a turntable

Win a turntable.

Legal rulings can be fun

From Judge Barbara Crabb's finding that Todd McFarlane stole Neil Gaiman's character:

The two characters are similar enough to suggest that either Dark Ages (McFarlane) Spawn is derivative of Medieval (Gaiman) Spawn or it is the same character to which plaintiff owns the copyright.

Much as defendant tries to distinguish the two knight Hellspawn, he never explains why, of all the universe of possible Hellspawn incarnations, he introduced two knights from the same century. Not only does this break the Hellspawn “rule” that Malebolgia never returns a Hellspawns to Earth more than once every 400 years (or possibly every 100 years, as suggested in Spawn, No. 9, exh. #1, at 4), it suggests that what defendant really wanted to do was exploit the possibilities of the knight introduced in issue no. 9. (This possibility is supported by the odd timing of defendant’s letter to plaintiff on February 14, 1999, just before publication of the first issue of Spawn The Dark Ages, to the effect that defendant was rescinding their previous agreements and retaining all rights to Medieval (Gaiman) Spawn.)

If defendant really wanted to differentiate the new Hellspawn, why not make him a Portuguese explorer in the 16th century; an officer of the Royal Navy in the 18th century, an idealistic recruit of Simon Bolivar in the 19th century, a companion of Odysseus on his voyages, a Roman gladiator, a younger brother of Emperor Nakamikado in the early 18th century, a Spanish conquistador, an aristocrat in the Qing dynasty, an American Indian warrior or a member of the court of Queen Elizabeth I? It seems far more than coincidence that Dark Ages (McFarlane) Spawn is a knight from the same century as Medieval (Gaiman) Spawn.
Neil posted an tremendous photo of McFarlane here.

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New movie posters by Olly Moss

Movie posters by Olly Moss for the 2010 Alamo Drafthouse/Levi’s Rolling Roadshow tour: Jackie Brown, Dirty Harry, There Will Be Blood, Convoy, The Blues Brothers, Robocop, Rocky, On the Waterfront, and Godfather.


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Oil slick monster; BP brand fish oil supplements

Download the BP oil slick monster here.

BP fish oil supplements by Luke Bott, who has various prints on sale at Etsy. Via.

Link roundup

1. Smashed polar bear smores.

2. Paul the Octopus fan art.

3. Elephant creature with a smog machine.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Link roundup

1. Fark:

What do the United Nations, Halliburton, Church of Scientology, Lucasfilm, and Sega all have in common? They all downloaded the infamous facebook profile torrent.
Here's more companies that downloaded it.

2. "On Wednesday, both Boston papers carried front-page stories about Sports Business Journal's report that NESN's Red Sox ratings had plummeted 36 percent. (The Boston Globe also reported that WEEI's ratings were down 16.5 percent, and that male listeners between the ages of 25 and 54 had dwindled by 28 percent.)" Via.

3. The Portland DA will not file charges against Al Gore for what sounds like very good reasons.

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Plush Jack the Ripper

Plush Jack the Ripper by Lindsay Mays on sale here.

Inception movie poster

Inception poster by Laz Marquez, who occasionally has movie posters on sale at Etsy.

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Owls are watching

Owls via these sites.

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Labyrinth saucer

Oluk coffee cup with maze saucer by erdemselek. Via.

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Space hero pajamas

Turn bedtime into a space opera with these pajamas. Via.

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The Cursed Twins

Fan art by Luli of Patrico Oliver's The Tenebrae.

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Fahrenheit 451 cover - - found in this excellent gallery of vintage science fiction novel covers. Via.

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Business card/flipbook

Business card designed by Ryan Clark for Cale Glendening. Sliding the card out of its sheath creates a bit of stop motion animation. Via.

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