Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lego Samus

Lego Varia Suit and Zero Suit Samus by Pepa Quin.

Relatedly, here's a roundup of fairly damning reviews of Metroid: Other M.

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Limited Edition Puffin Designer Classics

Two of the Limited Edition Puffin Designer Classics listed here.

The Secret Garden designed by Lauren Child.

James and the Giant Peach designed by Antony Gormley. Via.

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea poster

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea print on sale for $7 in the Steamcrow shop.

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Kawaii Joan Holloway

Kawaii Joan Holloway from Mad Men by Jerrod Maruyama. He recently did a Snooki, too. Although it's a little horrifying.

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Exquisite corpse fairy tale

A few submissions to the Fairy Tale project, where artists take turns writing and illustrating a fairy tale. Links below are to the artists' sites:

Dadu Shin.

Nerijus Rimkus.

Gianluca Folì.

Byron Eggenschwiler.

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Star Wars prints by Andy Helms

Andy Helms just killed it with these Star Wars posters. $40 for the set, $15 each.

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I shall be sexy...but only if...

Funny sketch from a Dr. Sketchy's session (link NSFW).

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Dracula by Richard Sala

Richard Sala has quite a bit of original art on sale here, including this Dracula illustration.

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Link roundup

1. An argument for why "even strict vegans should feel comfortable eating oysters by the boatload." Via Peter Feld who adds: I remember a cookbook in the ’80s whose preface praised [squid] as a protein source and said "some vegetarians prefer to think of squid as unusually mobile vegetables."

2. Gregg Easterbrook:

Last season, the Patriots had no offensive coordinator, with Belichick covering that post; this season, they also will have no defensive coordinator. It's Belichick, Belichick and more Belichick -- no coordinators. Is this an ego-trip thing -- he wants to prove he can do something no major football coach has even attempted since, say, Leo Meyer? TMQ has been complaining for years that NFL clubs are overstaffed at coach, since it's hard to believe a head coach needs 19 more coaches, which is how many Mike Shanahan has at Washington, including a safeties coach, a tight ends coach and an assistant coach for the special-teams coach. Belichick is veering to the other extreme.
3. A new store owner talks about the costs of running a hobby shop.

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Retro-futuristic bronzes by Vincent Villafranca

Retro-futuristic bronzes by Vincent Villafranca. He's going to be one of the judges at the DragonCon art show.

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Making use of the sun and moon

Clever photos of the moon and sun.

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Echo Key

Echo Key based on this design by Gabriel Rodriguez:

Per Chris Ryall:

The Echo Key is a limited run of 500, made of pewter with an antique brass finish. It debuts at the BangPop! con on September 19 in Bangor, Maine and unless they all sell out at the show, will be sold at the Skelton Crew site on September 20.
$20 each, I think.

And finally, here's Gabriel's incentive cover for Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom #2, coming in early October:

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Hand-painted dolls

Cheshire Cat, tiger girl, wedding couple, and other hand-painted dolls by mekanikku.

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They Live

Portly aliens (were they aliens?) from They Live by Motorbot for an upcoming show at Gallery 1988.

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