Saturday, April 30, 2011

Night of the Batmen (Plastic Man as Batman)

In last night's episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, "Night of the Batmen," Batman suffers a serious injury, and his fellow Justice Leaguers take his place patrolling Gotham. Green Arrow, Shazam, and Aquaman settle on their looks quickly, but Plastic Man tries out a few classic styles before settling on a pantsless look:

He has a fight with Catwoman:

And argues with the others as to who's the best Batman:

The end of the episode shows several more Batman volunteers:

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Portal 2 walkthrough with commentary; Chell screenshots

A Youtube user uploaded a Portal 2 playthrough, edited down to the developer commentary portions. Above is part one. (The paint/gel mechanics are derived from a student game called Tag: the Power of Paint. Very interesting to listen to how the designers "train" the players as they play through the game.)

And speaking of Portal, here's some Chell screenshots:

The Valve store sells Aperture Science tank tops, but no orange jumpsuits.

Alice: Madness Returns art contest

1. Dark Horse is holding an Alice: Madness Returns art contest.

2. American McGee's Alice doll posted at Facebook:

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Baby aardvark

Baby aardvark and widescreen wallpaper. Via.

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Trash cans, electrical boxes, and more turned into tiny skyscrapers

EVOL turns trash cans, electrical boxes, and more turned into tiny skyscrapers. Via these sites.

Star Wars nose art

Some of Dave Mott's Star Wars nose art. Via.

-Disney's World War II mascots.
-Slave Leia nose art.

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Link roundup

1. Peyton Manning explained how players beat the NFL's concussion test, but then claimed it was just a joke.

2. Gabe Delahaye on the new Transformers trailer:

“OPTIMUUUUUUUS!” Haha. That does get me every time. “OPTIMUUUUUUUS!” I think Shia LaBeouf is a perfectly decent actor, but every time he has to dramatically scream a SPACE ROBOT’s name it breaks my heart. Just kidding, no it doesn’t. But hopefully it breaks his.
3. "Most people probably don’t think of Corning as a crime fighting company, but when it sold its Pyrex brand to World Kitchen in 1998, the company accidentally made the illegal manufacture of crack cocaine more difficult—a fascinating example of unintended consequences." Via.

Illustration roundup

Sword and Sworcery fan art by Steve Courtney available as ios-sized wallpapers. Via.

X47a by Kenn Brown.

The Simpsons meets Dead Space - - one of several newly posted Simpsons drawings by Joe Spiotto.

Book cover by Rodrigo Corral for Chuck Palahniuk's Tell-All, available at Amazon. Via.

From a summary of Forge's history of hurting members of the X-Men. Via.

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Image roundup

Please clap for bubbles. Via.

Blue whale skull. Via.

Don Cherry is a sharp dresser. Via.

Footprint pool via.

Drain at the beach - - this mindbender was part of the Pure Water Vision show. Via.

GLaDOS given human form

GLaDOS given human form by makani.

*See more Portal links here.

Now, this is a birthday cake

Emery's birthday cake via.

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