Monday, October 31, 2011

Cookie Monster/Ringwraith

Cookie Monster/Ringwraith by Ronan Lynam up for vote at Threadless.

Costume roundup

Wampa pug. Via.

Halloween at Laika gallery.

Melting face from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Samurai Batman and aeronaut from a Halloween contest (you can vote for them at the links). Batman is Dave Johnson.

Wayne and Garth.

*See more Halloween costumes here.

Garfield/Lion-O mashup

Garfield/Lion-O mashup by Italo Perochena up for vote at Threadless.

The Paranorman website is now open

The Paranorman website is now running.

Relatedly, the latest Laika art challenge is to create the Great Pumpkin.

Hawkeye by Johnson Ting

Hawkeye, The Punisher, Ghost Rider, and Deadpool by Johnson Ting. You can download a wallpaper-sized version of the group shot here, and he's available for commissions as described here.

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Illustration roundup

Kitty Pryde from Kevin Wada's X-Girls Fashion Extravaganza.

iPad/iPhone wallpaper by Jon MacNair.

Mr. Freeze by Joe Quinones.

Haters Gonna Hate Tattly.

Zelda Zine.

Icons in Steve Wolfhard's sidebar.

*Buy Mr. Freeze toys at eBay.

Link roundup

1. Corgis:

Pembrokes should have a "fairy saddle" marking on the side of their shoulders caused by changes in the thickness, length and direction of hair growth. The phrase "fairy saddle" arises from the legend that Pembroke Welsh Corgis were harnessed and used as steeds by fairies.
2. Bold accusation by the NY Daily News:
The “model” civilization that’s sprung up at Zuccotti is itself increasingly divided between the stakeholders in the nascent movement who feel invested in the emerging economic, social and cultural causes of “the 99%,” and hangers-on, including a fast-growing contingent of lawbreakers and lowlifes, many of whom seem to have come to Zuccotti in the last week with the cynical encouragement of the NYPD.
3. Relatedly, part of a long post by Megan McArdle on the Occupy movement being a battle between the elite, and the people realizing that they aren't going to make it into the elite:
It's not entirely crazy to suspect, as Orwell did, that this has something to do with money. Specifically, you sneer at the customs of the people you might be mistaken for. For aside from a few very stuffy conservatives, no white people I know sneer at hip-hop music, telenovelas, Tyler Perry films, or any of the other things often consumed by people of modest incomes who don't look like them. They save it for Thomas Kinkaid paintings, "Cozy cottage" style home decoration, collectibles, child beauty pageants, large pickup trucks***, and so forth.

Sculpture by Nemo Gould

Conganaut by Nemo Gould.

Temporary suntan tattoos

Grey gave out temporary suntan tattoo stickers to promote Sunplay.

Costume roundup

Kevin David Crowe made a Drive jacket.

Richard Harrow from Boardwalk Empire.

Sexy Hungry Man Dinner costume by Kate Thornbery, who was inspired by Jillian Tamaki's comic strip.

Doc Brown.

See more Halloween costumes here.

New Threadless t-shirts/hoodies

Two brand new Threadless hoodies, and one that's a little older:

Miss Universe by Matthew Dupuis

Tear Up the Sun (Bushido) by Budi Satria Kwan

Marine Litter by David Soames and Dev Gupta

Dragons + Sneakers

Two of the winners in a Foot Locker art contest:

Kalin Thompson.

Adrian Perrine.

Magic: The Gathering plus Googly Eyes

Magic Cards With Googly Eyes, the Tumblr. Via.

*Buy Magic The Gathering cards at eBay.

Henry Rollins Tattoo Whiteboard

From the mind of Brandon Bird, Henry Rollins Tattoo Whiteboard on sale here.

Costume roundup

Nico Colaleo is the Log Lady.

W+K Tokyo.

Kris Butiong and Thanh Phamdo are Finn and Fiona. Thanh made Jake, Cake, the backpacks, swords, and hats. (Last year, she was the house from Up.)

Dark Helmet.

Lady Shredder - - click through for Rocksteady and Bebop.

*See more costumes here.

Bioshock Monopoly

Bioshock Monopoly available for download - - here's the zip file. Via these sites.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Homemade They Live costumes

Homemade They Live costumes by Kiersten Essenpreis. See how the masks were made at the link.

*Previously: They Live wallpapers.

*Buy They Live by Jonathan Lethem at Amazon.

Link roundup

(The last batch of starred items saved in Google Reader.)

The Mississippi River Basin Model. Via.

"World champion freediver Guillaume Nery special dive at Dean's Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world filmed entirely on breath hold by the french champion Julie Gautier. This video is a FICTION and an ARTISTIC PROJECT." Via.

Pete Rose via.

"Zuckerberg's Bizarre Facebook Insignia Revealed, And What It Means." Via.

April Fool's prank makes a copier voice-activated. Via.