Monday, April 30, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man 618-620, 638-641

(This week I'll be reviewing comics I've bought from Comixology 99-cent sales over the last few months.)

Spider-Man is my favorite video game character. He has a great set of costumes, a large group of villains that work perfectly as bosses, and a sublime skill set. But he's probably my least favorite comic book character. Self-pitying and devoid of ambition. I picked up these issues because they were illustrated by the brilliant Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera.

Amazing Spider-Man 618-620, written by Dan Slott and Illustrated by Marcos Martin, is Spider-Man at his best. Spider-Man's whining about Aunt May, Uncle Ben, and all the gorgeous women that keep making passes at him, is kept to a minimum, and the emphasis is on a gang war featuring Mysterio, a cyborg mafioso, and some sort of super-powered Chinese gangsters.

Tremendous art and a fun story.

On the other hand, Amazing Spider-Man 638-641, written by Joe Quesada, and illustrated by Paolo Rivera, is exactly why I don't buy Spider-Man comics.

It is occasionally funny:

And Rivera draws maybe the best black Spider-Man ever:

But it's oh so miserable to read. Just a lousy soap opera.

And the portions of the issues not illustrated by Rivera just seem really off:

In their favor, the issues also feature a delightful backup story illustrated by Marcos Martin:

The art is good enough to justify buying these. Just ignore the writing.