Monday, April 9, 2012

Link roundup

1. NY Times has a long article about Jack White. Here's one gem:
White led the way upstairs to the master bedroom, where a man in a Music City Masonry T-shirt was setting dropcloths around the fireplace. “Whoever lived here before built this ridiculous tan bedroom,” White said, spitting out the word “tan.” He was redoing it in green and black — what he termed “rustic art deco.” He was also installing microphones under the eaves outside his window. Thanks to some quirk of acoustics, he said, “I can’t hear the rain.” He wanted to pipe in the noise to speakers in his bedroom and listen to the rain while he fell asleep.
2. Oops:
Last April, U.S. Forest Service crews planted nearly a million pine and fir trees across thousands of acres scorched clean by the devastating 2009 blaze. Most of them shriveled up and died within months, as skeptics had predicted.
Much of the funding for last year's reforestation came from the South Coast Air Quality Management District. The district provided $1.5 million from money Chevron gave the district to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions resulting from expansion of its El Segundo refinery. About $900,000 of the total was spent on last year's plantings.

3. Sock monkey paper doll.

4. Homemade version of Ash's mechanical hand from Army of Darkness. Via.

5. Last chance for this week's two giveways.