Monday, April 23, 2012

Soundwave accessory for a GI Joe figure?

GI Joe action figure with an old school Soundwave/cassette player accessory. I have no idea if these are one offs, or part of a GI Joe/Transformers cross-over series.



  1. The Soundwave is part of the SDCC Destro/Soundwave as a HISS Tank exclusive. The BAT in Constructocon colors is also.

  2. Actually, it is a Shockwave HISS Tank with Destro as the driver and one of the accessories is the miniature Soundwave. But yeah, it is an SDCC 12 exclusive along with the BAT.

    The picture in the photos above is a little strange. It is Kwinn but for some reason he has a Helix head. However, it is clearly the original Kwinn head in the photos where he is holding a cassette in his hand(you can tell by the hair vs the predominately white Helix hair). It would be great to get Kwinn since the figure was canceled and Soundwave would be a bonus.