Thursday, June 28, 2012

Link roundup

1. Penny Arcade on buying weapons in Diablo 3 instead of finding them in game:

the game is, functionally speaking, a pinata. Right? Obviously, you could just go buy candy at the store. It’s not about having candy. It’s about getting candy.
2. Comment and win art. (I like the first print.)

3. I mentioned that I thought Google's tablet was DOA unless it found a way to surpass iTunes. This doesn't help them:
Easy import from iTunes

With the Music Manager, you can easily import your entire iTunes music library* into Google Play. Once your music is imported it automatically becomes available on Nexus 7. You'll also be able to enjoy your music on the web at and any other Android compatible phone or tablet. You'll never need to sync or worry about backups again.

*up to 20,000 songs. Cannot include DRM protected songs.
4. From How to Get Away with Murder in America, the book I'm giving away right now:
Pictures of Albert and his brother, John, born in 1962, show well-fed boys with crew cuts, wearing argyle sweaters. Photos also reveal Albert’s disability: He was cross-eyed. His mother, Dulce, a devout Christian and also a practitioner of Santeria, the Caribbean folk religion, would describe her son’s condition as “God’s special mark.” She also saw destiny in the unusual manner of his birth. According to Albert’s third wife, Lourdes, “When Albert was born, his ass was the first thing that came out. His mother would say, ‘My little Albert came into the world seated like a king.’ ”

Children in Albert’s middle school, ignorant of the portentous meanings of his crossed eyes and regal birth, called him El Bizco—“cross-eyed.” In response, Albert squinted and attempted to rebrand himself as El Chino—“the Chinese.” “Albert made himself the toughest kid in school,” says Teo. “Nobody called Albert ‘Bizco’ after seventh grade. He was ‘El Chino.’ ”