Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Link roundup

1.  "Would-be North Korean assassin's tool kit."  Via.

2.  The cove in La Jolla, California used to be a beautiful place to visit, until officials closed it off to pedestrians, and the birds took over:

But the smell, a pungent stench that emanates from the accumulation of bird feces on the rocks, has become a growing problem. And strict environmental regulations in the cove have stymied the city’s efforts to address the problem before it drives tourists and businesses away, effectively roping the rocks off with red tape.

3.  How to limit how thoroughly advertisers track you on your iPhone:
go to "General," then "About," and then navigate to the "Advertising" section. From there, you need to to turn "Limit Ad Tracking" on.
4.  I feature JRYU's sculptures all the time.  He has figurines on sale at Tenacious Toys.