Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Link roundup

1.  "I have never seen anything like it. It happened the morning after the first rains of the season that recently drenched Nairobi, Kenya. I was on my way to my first appointment but halfway through my journey, not far from the Kenya Wildlife Service headquarters, when the road I was on was blocked by a wall of suds, white and fluffy as if spewing out of an errant giant steam carpet cleaner, was slowly swallowing the four-lane highway before me."

2. Deadspin:
D-III Player's 138 Point-Game Is A Sham Record And Shouldn't Be Celebrated By Anyone

Since becoming Grinnell coach in 1989, Arseneault has focused less on putting together a successful team and more on getting his players' names in the record books. And, not incidentally, selling books and videos touting his innovative "system." At least three separate times a Grinnell player has set the D-III single-game scoring record, and each one has gotten national attention.
3.  Gawker:
Just over a week after being reelected as district attorney in Cortland County, Mark Suben held a press conference today to confess his past as a porn star in the 1970s, a charge he'd denied just a few weeks before the election. Suben, who's held the office since 2008, admitted to lying in the days before the election, saying he used "bad judgement."