Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Axe "Thai Massage" shower gel

Fast Company had a recent article about advertising such products:
Rubin and McCarthy are in a fraternity of sorts: the Axe Republic. That's the name that, without irony, the global Axe team uses to refer to itself. Theirs is an adventurous life, involving frequent forays into college towns, where the Axe team joins bar crawls and keggers. Older Republic members have designated "trendslators," fresh hires who can explain what's on teens' minds. And when these new pledges are brought in, they're even shown an indoctrination film. It's a classic clip from The Matrix, where the hero, Neo, is offered two pills--a blue one to preserve his ignorance, or a red one that will show him a new reality. Axe is the red pill. "It encapsulates what the Axe Republic is about," Rubin says. "There is a whole bunch of stuff that might apply to other Unilever brands that doesn't apply to the Republic. The rules of gravity can be pushed."