Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Link roundup

1.  Support the LA Game Space Kickstarter: A $15 contribution gets you 30 games (including one by QWOP creator Bennett Foddy working with Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward). Via.

2. "Windows RT Takes Up Half of the 32GB Microsoft Surface's Storage."  (Better hurry, Amazon only has 8 in stock.)

3. Surprise, "New York's 'Killer Nanny' Is Actually a Very Troubled, Mentally Unhealthy Older Woman."

4.  A Lakers point guard swore at a fan, without knowing who his father was:

Steve Jackson is the chairman of shoe company LA Gear, and the Lakers probably want to stay on his good side. Besides having eight courtside season tickets, Jackson's Bel Air home hosts a massive replica of the Staples Center, down to the championship banners hanging from the rafters. The Lakers often work out potential draft picks at Jackson's gym, and visiting teams have been known to hold their morning shoot-arounds there.