Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Art roundup

Tiny new street art by Slinkachu. (Slinkachu's 2012 art book is $12 at Amazon.)

Big gallery of concept art from Newt, a canceled Pixar film.  Via.

Jake Murray:

A group of smugglers just killing time between illegal jobs. Done for Fantasy Flight Games' "Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game". I've always wanted to see one of those dome-headed alien guys do something besides just playing space clarinets.


  1. I liked Blue Sky's 'Rio' well enough - but when I see all that concept art for Newt...I can't help but wish we'd gotten that film instead. It's a major bummer that Pixar cancelled it because Blue Sky beat them to the concept punch. It could have been a beautiful film.

  2. How odd/disappointing that Pixar didn't just shelve it long enough to do it later.

    That Star Wars game is starting to look intriguing. I'd backed off FFG's go at the franchise initially because they were asking people to pay for the beta version. Now that it's out, I may take a look.