Friday, January 18, 2013

Comic review roundup

Francesco Francavilla is a talented artist, but Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #513-518 is so dull that I hardly even flipped through the last issue.  At first I thought the fault was largely the writer's.  So many characters and so many schemes and double crosses that nothing that happened had an emotional impact.  But bad writing shouldn't prevent me from enjoying looking at art.  The fault really lies squarely on Francavilla.  His use of a limited garish color palette is intriguing for a while, but eventually it's quite limiting and all the panels just start looking the same.

Also disappointing was New X-Men #37-41 and X-Fernus #1-4, which I picked up because Magik's such a cool character.  On the plus side, Magik is in the comics a lot.

 Darkchilde by Skottie Young from New X-Men.

Darkchilde/Magik by Giuseppi Camuncoli from X-Fernus.

Otherwise, the issues aren't particularly good.  None of the many other characters stood out as interesting.  And by the end, I had no desire to buy back issues to learn more about the characters, or new issues to find out what happens next.

But saving the best for last, Future Foundation #12-14 is time-shifting, cosmic entity-battling Marvel at its best.  Two Dr. Dooms, three Reed Richards, Celestials, at least two ultimate weapons,

and yet, the best part of the book is a smart little girl named Valeria:

I've loved Juan Bobillo's art since She-Hulk.  And unlike the comics discussed above, these comics did make me want to continue following the story.  $13 at Amazon.