Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dredd is the best science fiction thriller since District 9

There are these three directors who seem to get handed one premier big budget scifi movie after another.  They spend a ton of money, they put famous actors in every role, and yet their movies are lousy and look cheap and produce few great designs.

And then we have Dredd.

Directed by Pete Travis.  Cinematography by Anthony Dod Mantle. Production Design by Mark Digby.

$4 rental, or $22 for blu-ray and digital download at Amazon.


  1. Got the BluRay yesterday (watched it at the cinema last year), even more stunning on the small screen. Similar in tone to John Carpenter flicks (small group of people vs. world). Totally lean film making, no fat, everything there has purpose and meaning.

    Shocking that Total Recall remake got more publicity than this gem of a movie.

  2. Dredd is brilliant and the first post action movie for our times. The effects are lean and Urban is steel. The only guy that could pull it off, except maby Statham if he put on 40 lbs. This will be benchmark for what to expect from a great action movie. Like The Road Warrior and Dredd showed, you don't need billions to make a great action movie. Loved it.

  3. YES!!! DREDD was f-ing awesome! It was even better in 3D. It was a flop at the box office, but I still have hope that we can get the proposed sequels. Bring on the Dark Judges!

  4. I liked Dredd alot,I'm a huge JD fan but, I think I would have liked it more if I hadn't already seen The Raid: Redemption (which has a similar concept and is just crazy awesome)

  5. i really hope this film gets new life on disc. it was by far one of my favorite movies of 2012!