Saturday, January 19, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Fast Company looks at the effort to make Nascar race cars look more like the models people can actually buy.  Toyota's  will have "headlights":

True headlights and fog lights would be crushed by all of Nascar's bumping and grinding, so these are all decals. The strips are applied to stamped cutouts where the lights would be on a production car, to make them as realistic as possible.
2.  "No backboned animal has been found that can harness the sun – until now. It has long been suspected, and now there is hard evidence: the spotted salamander is solar-powered."  Via.

3.  An article from 2011: "Charlie Sheen tells Sports Illustrated in its latest issue that he took steroids 'for like six or eight weeks' while filming the 1989 movie 'Major League.'"  (The problem isn't the actors and athletes.  It's the media breathlessly reporting on their lowfat diets, workout regimens, and remarkable comebacks from injury.)

4.  "On Friday, former [New Orleans] mayor Ray Nagin, who ran the city during the Katrina disaster, was indicted on 21 charges of bribery, money laundering, and other corruption offenses."

5. Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs. Evil is on sale for 99 cents at iTunes.