Thursday, January 24, 2013

Safety Not Guaranteed

In Safety Not Guaranteed, directed by Colin Trevorrow, three cynical young reporters, all stuck in their own ruts, set off to investigate an absurd classified ad.  The plan is to enjoy a free vacation on their magazine's dime, and write an article mocking the man who placed the ad.  But maybe he really is close to finishing his time machine.

It's an absolutely touching story about love and time travel, and just not caring that people might think you're a dork if you admit what's in your heart. It's about knowing when you've found a good thing, and being willing to risk hurt and embarrassment to grab it.

I highly recommend the movie.  Perfect to enjoy on Valentine's Day.  Available to rent or buy at Amazon.

Also, it's funny, I was just going back through my first year posting and found this from May 2007.  I assume it was the inspiration for the movie?