Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1 news roundup

Hard to keep up with all of the big news of the day:

Bioware revealed the Sarlaac Enforcer player class:

Google announced the Google Reader rewards program:

Flickr unveiled the FlickrPad:

Starbucks unveiled the Plenta and Micra size options:

ThinkGeek announced a bunch of products that will presumably be available by the holidays:

Monolith action figure set from 2001:

Canned Unicorn Meat:

Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock:

My First Bacon:

Tell Me Your Secrets Bear (for spying on kids):

Comics Alliance scooped everyone with the latest League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic:

Platinum Games announced an 8-Bit version of Bayonetta:

Nike placed several fake news stories about its helping athletes achieve stupendous results:

Games Workshop announced a heavy duty spray gun that paints entire regiments in one blast:

Hot Wheels announced its newest toy - - Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet:

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