Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Link roundup

1.  TIL:
the most powerful commercial radio station ever was WLW (700KHz AM), which during certain times in the 1930s broadcast 500kW radiated power. At night, it covered half the globe. Neighbors within the vicinity of the transmitter heard the audio in their pots, pans, and mattresses.
2.  Carrots are good for healthy eyes, but they won't improve your vision. If you think otherwise, it's because of a successful British propaganda campaign during WW2. Britain didn't want the Germans to know that RAF pilots were using a newly developed onboard radar to shoot down fighters, so the Ministry spread the word that the best pilots were eating lots of carrots to improve their vision.

3.  Chicago:
Chicago Public Schools officials today released maps of routes where security will be provided for the thousands of children going to new schools this year. 
The so-called "safe passage" routes are designed to smoothly shift students from 47 schools being closed this year to nearby schools. 
Parents have voiced concern about children crossing rival gang territories and passing empty buildings and vacant lots.
4.  Hugh Jackman says he ate 6,000 calories a day to get in shape for Wolverine.

5.  Otters are monstrous.