Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Guardian:
Police 'super recognisers' to keep watch over Notting Hill carnival
Specialist officers have been selected for their ability to remember hundreds of offenders' faces
2.  Kotaku reviews the Bioshock Infinite board game, in which "you split into teams controlling either Comstock's founders or the Vox Populi rebellion as both sides wrestle for control of the board's districts":
Which is horrible/awesome, but nothing compared to the horror of Booker and Elizabeth. 
You know what? Scratch what I said earlier. The Siege of Columbia's crowning achievement is that it makes you hate these terrifying vandals just as much as every NPC in the video game. Not controlled by any player, this pair traverse the board instead according to the steps of a randomly selected timeline sheet. More importantly, Booker will randomly aggro and do his best to flatline everything where he stands, and as you might expect, you do not fuck with Booker. Exactly like the Sky-Line, these fights are hilarious when they happen to your friends, but are, of course, absolute bullshit when they happen to you.
3. "The piece captures antlion hunting strategy perfectly. The sand pit by itself is only a partial trap; most insects can climb out on their own. But not with the predator churning sand and hurling debris."