Thursday, August 8, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Undercover cop discovered because she was popular on Twitter.

2.  I saw this mentioned a few days ago and thought it had to be false, but nope, it's true;
Xerox will disable a scanner setting in some of its WorkCentre products that can sometimes result in figures being altered in scanned documents. 
The problem was uncovered last week by a computer science student in Germany. He used a Xerox WorkCentre scanner to create a PDF of a building floor plan, and noticed some of the fine print in the document had been reproduced incorrectly in the PDF. The text that gave the area size of each room had been duplicated in some cases, so that all the rooms were given the same area.
3. Vice:
If you have the right kind of knowledge, enough free time and a penchant for misanthropy, the internet can provide the means to make someone's life really fucking miserable. A perfect example is last week's case of internet security journalist Brian Krebs being sent a package of heroin in an attempt to frame him for a drugs charge.
But, like something out of a 2.0 Douglas Adams novel, Krebs had already infiltrated Fly's private carding community forum and found the post detailing his plan.
It's like a Spy vs. Spy comic strip in real life.

4. Nightmare fuel: infected insects and other horrors.