Friday, September 6, 2013

Link roundup

1.  "Management 360 fell victim to the online hoax known as catfishing when an intern-turned-mailroom trainee hired in April was discovered to have created more than a dozen fictitious e-mail accounts that she utilized to make herself appear to be a well-connected industry insider."

2.  Larry Ellison's America's Cup team caught cheating, hit with "unprecedented penalties."

3.  Dana Scully was named for Vin Scully.

4.  The Awl:
the reason most people gravitate toward history and other non-fiction as they grow older is that they already know how life is going to play out, and they have no interest in seeing how a bunch of kids who dropped a large chunk of change to make connections in Iowa are going to manipulate an assembly of precious archetypes into articulating profundities which are neither new nor particularly incisive, although they may feel like both depending on how well camouflaged they are with up-to-the-moment references to brands and products.