Monday, October 27, 2014

10 bits of interesting Star Wars costumes trivia

Some interesting bits of trivia I learned from the gorgeous new coffee table book, Star Wars Costumes:

1. George Lucas insisted on all costumes having no visible fasteners.

2. Luke's Tatooine pants are colorless Levi's.

3. One of the Duros in the Cantina scene is wearing a costume from Escape from the Planet of the Apes.

4. Lucas ordered that the Hoth Rebel uniforms be destroyed so that they could not be reused on other films.

5. Children were dressed in Hoth Rebel uniforms and placed in the back of the hangar to make it look bigger.

6. Yoda's face is partially based on Albert Einstein.

7. A stuntman suffered a broken arm when he accidentally fell into the Sarlacc.

8. Leia's slave bra was modeled in wax, kept in a ice chest, and then placed on her body to be formed as it warmed with her body heat.

9. Lando's guard helmet was inspired by a baseball glove.

10. The Emperor is played by a woman in The Empire Strikes Back, and her eyes were replaced by a chimpanzee's eyes in postproduction.

The 232-page hardcover is currently 38% off at Amazon and comes out tomorrow.