Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Can you fully transform into a werewolf in Bloodborne? The game has been out for two weeks, and it’s still unclear."

All of these Beasthood details are surprisingly understated for a game that’s all about werewolves—so much so that it took me over a dozen hours to realize that the main character can actually (at least partially) transform into a beast. The only reason I stumbled on that epiphany was because I performed something called a “Visceral Attack” at such an exact angle that I noticed I was actually using claw hands to rip out the guts of my enemies.


After noticing that, I realized that my appendages looked similar to the beasts I was hunting. That made a lot of other things about the game make more sense. This was why the villagers, who at first seemed to be spewing crazed nonsense, were going on about when they called me a beast.