Saturday, October 29, 2016

"Of Course Westworld’s Costumes Are 3D-Printed, Too"

Long interview at Racked:
for anyone who has a speaking role — the principals and the guest stars — we have to hand-make everything


We actually had to dye every single piece, too.


we were using actual period fabrics to make these clothes, and there’s only so much of it! So we had to find ways to recreate it. You know, fabrics today just aren’t as intricate — they’re not made the same way. With the exception of some places in Italy or maybe England, you honestly can’t find beautiful, intricate fabrics anymore. It’s really sad! So we had to hire 3D printers in Los Angeles to reprint all our vintage fabrics so we could have more


Let’s talk about Ed Harris’s character, The Man in Black. He’s a fan favorite, and his outfit is particularly amazing.

There’s a very old-school hippie weaver in upstate New York, near Woodstock, who wove the fabric for his jacket. We had another artisan hand-paint it afterwards.