Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"A self-described “rehab mogul” has been charged with multiple sexual assault offenses as well as defrauding insurers in a $175-million billing scheme"


founded 19 sober-living facilities in Southern California and Colorado, faces accusations in two separate cases of sexually assaulting nine patients and laundering money


Prosecutors charged the 55-year-old operator of Community Recovery of Los Angeles, also known as CRLA, with 12 counts of furnishing drugs and 34 counts of sexual assault-related offenses, including sexual exploitation, rape and rape of an intoxicated person.


In a separate case . . . charged with 31 counts of money laundering. They also face charges for insurance fraud, grand theft and identify theft.


issued $175 million in bills for services that, in most cases, were never provided, according to the district attorney’s office