Thursday, December 1, 2016

"State troopers confiscated about 50 handguns and 80,000 rounds of ammunition stored in the Arizona Department of Economic Security's basement shortly after Director Tim Jeffries--who had expanded the agency's armed police force--was forced to resign and escorted from the building"

"These jihadists in San Bernardino attacked a social service center for the developmentally disabled. They will go anywhere," Jeffries said. "As a director, one of my highest priorities was to protect my people and my clients. I stand by that with pride."


After taking office, Jeffries put armed guards in the DES lobby and outside its parking garage as well as field offices for security purposes. Jeffries said that before he took office, the agency used contract security officers in its field offices.

The agency put some of those officers in special light-brown uniforms with pants that resemble military fatigues. The phrase Ditat Deus, Arizona's motto that means "God enriches," is on one shirt sleeve. The uniforms also had a yellow smiley face, a symbol Jeffries had incorporated and used for employee T-shirts and other promotional DES items, on the back between the shoulder blades.