Sunday, December 25, 2016

"Lost, Afraid, and Snow-Blind in 'The Division: Survival'"

The Dark Zone sits squatly in the middle of our maps, its ghostly skyscrapers colored blood red. One of its entrances is a straight shot down a street, and wordlessly we split off, covering the left and right sides of the road. A figure in the snow ahead of us reveals itself to be a gold enemy, the highest tier, ambling patiently down between the wrecked cars. We see him at the same time and freeze in place. To try and take down a gold when we're this close to the Dark Zone would risk throwing everything away, and so we crouch silently behind cover.

There is no music. The figure approaches, and he swings his rifle by his side idly. He could destroy us in between four and six seconds. He is about five feet away. I hold my breath.