Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"Casting JonBenét, my favorite film at this year's Sundance"

At first, Casting JonBenét feels like a prank. There is no movie; or rather, the auditions are the movie. The actors are lousy, eager to please, and, like the tabloids, judgmental about Patsy and John Ramsey tarting up their daughter to turn her into a star. Patsy must have been “a royal bitch of a mother,” speculates a guy in a Santa costume. (A Santa impersonator was one suspect on the 1,600-person list topped by the Ramseys themselves and their 9-year-old son, Burke.) Yet these hypocritical men and women and stage parents are selling themselves, and their children, to Green. She opens on a shot of eight would-be JonBenéts in polka dots and ponytails scrambling for a seat.


The media thought Patsy and John acted suspiciously. But how do loving parents act? Her actors can't agree. When Green has her Patsys call 911, some cry, some panic, some stay calm, some scream.