Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"Pandora at night sparkles and amazes, but mostly in photos"

The new Disney attraction:
But let’s also not pretend these are more than they are: blacklight-lit features on a path that work great when there is a blacklight nearby…and less great when the light is further away.The result in person is an inconsistent pathway experience. Some areas are well-lit and look great, while others clearly have the light-reactive material embedded in them but are as dull as plain concrete because the only blacklights in the area are too far away.

Let’s also admit that this sort of thing photographs as “amazing” when you’ve got an SLR and a multi-second exposure…. but that’s not to say the “reality” looks like this. In a way, pictures are part of the problem, because they end up creating an expectation that cannot possibly be achieved when you are there in person.