Monday, October 9, 2017

The store owners in the Domino's remodel commercials

The men: "Between the three of them, Pat, Chris and Jeff now own 14 Domino’s stores from Snoqualmie to Wenatchee to Sherwood, Oregon."

Adelia Jonas
In 2006 she married Rob Jonas, who was a Domino's corporate operations coach, and in 2008 they opened their own store. In 2010, Jonas was invited to the worldwide Domino's rally in Las Vegas, where she was named Manager of the Year.


The production people gave her gloves, eye protection, and a hard hat, and told her to break the window with the crowbar. They told her to keep striking the glass until it was all knocked out of the frame.

“In one shot, I knocked out 99 percent of the glass,” Jonas said. “There was just a little triangle left in one corner.”

However, Jonas also hit her finger on the window frame. She has video of her reaction, which includes her shaking her injured hand, and crying out in pain. However, it looks like she is celebrating a successful swing of the crowbar. Jonas said they had to put a splint on her finger, which turned purple. The film crew had intended to take a second shot, but decided against it due to her injured finger.

“They decided to use a body double, dressed exactly like I was, but she hit the glass six times and didn’t break it,” Jonas said.