Friday, December 1, 2017

"Inside Hong Kong–based It-Girl Feiping Chang’s Wedding Extravaganza in Capri"

“He lured me to the lake one day under the pretense of a sudden interest in trout fishing,” recalls Feiping. “So I was wearing the most hideous anorak with jeans and boots. We got to the lake, got in a little rowboat, and he proceeded to row us around a group of ducks that kept swimming away from us.”

At some point during the excursion, a microphone battery pack fell out of Lincoln’s jacket and Feiping began to suspect that the “tourists” on the shore snapping photos of the scenery might actually be taking pictures of the two of them. “All of a sudden, it dawned on me that the whole setup was a hilarious attempt at recreating that romantic scene from The Notebook,” admits Feiping. “After that, the proposal all happened very quickly, as I was laughing hysterically. I only heard from him later that it was duck hunting season in New Zealand, and he had to source a few hundred ducks from duck breeders just to deposit into the lake. It was all very thoughtful—an imperfectly perfect proposal.”