Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Nike's new Mercurial Flylite SuperLock shin guards

The new shin guards feature small spikes on top of the face of the guard that safely pierce the sock, locking it into place. The entire surface area of the guard is covered with these safe, lightweight spikes for an aggressive look and precision placement, no strap or sleeve needed.
The Nike Mercurial Touch Elite gloves look, fit and feel different than previous styles. By reducing the bulk and stiffness of traditional mitts, the gloves are designed to unleash the ultimate potential of a goalkeeper's hands. The strap has been replaced by a flexible wrist cuff that extends from the joint to the lower forearm for mobility and comfort.

The glove’s minimalist aesthetic is a result of a 66-percent reduction in the number of components than the previous glove. And, thanks to the removal of superfluous padding on the back of the hand, it's also 33-percent lighter and 47-percent thinner. Punch prints on the third and fourth knuckle provide a barrier and won't bunch up, and they lay close to the hand, even with full extension.