Wednesday, February 7, 2018

"Then Frank Miller got mugged and his Daredevil set a paranoid tone that the rest of the industry was only too happy to emulate"

From an article about 80's vigilante comics like Green Arrow, that includes this:
The saving grace here is the colors. If you know this period in DC history you know that their Mature Readers books were printed on a nicer stock of paper that held color in a really odd fashion. Julia Lacquement is not a name I was familiar with before I read this run but I was taken with her palette from the very beginning. Part of the problem with the coloring of books from this era is that they were still using similar coloring techniques with much nicer printing, and the effect was often garish, disruptive, or just plain ugly. Look at the first year of Sandman for example – and please do, avoid the recolored versions and dig those gloriously ugly colors. It’s a definite aesthetic. You can see its legacy in the work of Jordie Bellaire, for instance, someone who seems to revel in the kind of seemingly campy but actually quite effective color techniques that Lacquement uses here.