Monday, April 26, 2021

A 101st Airborne unit trip to Poland "went off the rails" after soldiers decided to visit a strip club

Star and Stripes:

A U.S. Army Apache helicopter unit’s planned visit to World War II sites in Poland devolved into a drunken escapade at an off-limits strip club, leading to the suspected drugging of a battalion executive officer who went missing


After partying into the early morning hours, no one could make contact with [executive officer], who wasn’t in his room at the IBB Hotel Dlugi Targ, the investigation report said.

That’s when [officers] organized a search party, calling on all staff ride attendees to meet in the city center and retrace their steps from the night before.

“The group ultimately met up outside the Obsession Club, where [the executive officer] was allegedly last seen, to begin the re-tracing process,” the report said.