Monday, April 19, 2021

Want some weird anecdotes about the people involved in the $100 million deli?

CNBC has an article that reads like a detective's crazy wall. Two anecdotes:
Two years before his 2011 plea bargain, [one of the men] learned through a DNA test that his actual father was the famous spiritual leader and Ram Dass, the author of the best-selling book “Be Here Now.”  


In August 1992, [one of the other men] was arrested in Allentown and charged “with prostitution and other offenses after he allegedly exposed himself to three girls as he drove around Central School,” The Morning Call reported at the time.

The newspaper, citing police, reported that [he] drove up to two sisters, age 14 and 10, and their 15-year-old cousin as they sat on their porch near an elementary school, and “called them over to the car and tried to proposition them.”

[He] soon allegedly drove his BMW back around to the girls, the newspaper said. The 14-year-old told The Morning Call that to stall for time she pointed out her mother, who was down the street, and told him “She’ll take care of you.”

The girl’s mother then approached the car, and tried to pull [him] out, grabbing out a clump of his hair the process, the girl and police told the newspaper.