Thursday, April 29, 2021

He imported a tiny, retired, Japanese fire truck and shows it off around San Francisco

SFChronicle interviewed the owner, who loves driving it around:

Q: How did you end up with a tiny Japanese fire truck?

A: I was not looking for a Japanese fire truck. But I do own another Japanese car. I imported a Nissan Skyline from Japan about three years ago, a right-hand-drive car. And when I did that I ended up learning about the system. How the importation process works. How the whole registration process works.

Under federal law we can import anything that’s 25 years old. … Once I figured that out, I realized I should get something completely alien to the United States. Something that we’ve never seen, that we have no analogy for and is very uniquely Japanese. And that led me to a little Kei (or micro-vehicle) fire truck.


They’re really cheap and it’s really easy. It’s one of those things that seems really intimidating until you do it. If anyone’s thinking about it, I’d say do it.


Q: In an emergency situation, could the tiny fire truck put out a fire?

A: Absolutely. The answer to that is absolutely yes. And that’s a scenario we plan for.