Monday, November 8, 2021

A metallurgist pleaded guilty to decades of falsifying the strength test results for steel used in U.S. Navy submarines


The Navy requires that the steel meets certain standards for strength and toughness to ensure that it does not fail under certain circumstances, such as a collision.  For 30 years, the [foundry], produced castings, many of which had failed lab tests and did not meet the Navy’s standards.  [The foundry's] Director of Metallurgy, falsified test results to hide the fact that the steel had failed the tests.  [She] falsified results for over 240 productions of steel, which represent a substantial percentage of the castings [the foundry] produced for the Navy. 

Court filings indicate there is no evidence that [foundry]’s management was aware of the fraud until May 2017.  At that time, a lab employee discovered that test cards had been altered and that other discrepancies existed in [the foundry]’s records.