Thursday, November 11, 2021

So is gambling addiction not a thing anymore? Because Disney's CEO says they're going to use gambling to attract younger consumers

Amazing to see comments like these from the CEO of Disney:

“Gambling does not have the cachet now that it had, say 10 or 20 years ago, and we have some concerns as a company about our ability to get in it without having a brand withdrawal,” said Chapek. “But I can tell you that given all the research that we've done recently, that that is not the case. It actually strengthens the brand of ESPN when you have a betting component, and it has no impact on the Disney brand.


“We do believe that sports betting is a very significant opportunity for the company, and it's all driven by the consumer,” says Chapek. “It's driven by the consumer, particularly the younger consumer that will replenish the sports fans over time and their desire to have gambling as part of their sports experience.”

In order to attract a younger audience, Chapek said, Disney must “seriously consider getting into gambling in a bigger way, and ESPN is a perfect platform for this.”