Monday, December 6, 2021

An interview with the courtroom artist that drew that picture of Maxwell drawing her

From a fairly lengthy interview of Jane Rosenberg:

Do you have a device you use to magnify, to zoom in?

In the old days, before the pandemic, they put the sketch artists in the front row. Now, it’s very limited seating. So I’m far back, and not only do I bring my prescription binoculars; I have a more powerful pair. I did use them once when the little black book was taken out and there were little Post-its stuck on.


I thought you did a lovely job with “Jane” and “Matt.”

No face, no likeness — no eyes, no mouth. I get lucky when they cry, when they put their hands up covering their face; it makes more sense than the blank face. Though Matt had good hair and a square jaw, so I could capture a likeness. Sometimes it works! I am getting a little better at the faceless people. I did R. Kelly — a lot of faceless people in that one.