Thursday, December 16, 2021

Anchorage Alaska mayor "went to a city water treatment plant in October and shut off the fluoride in the water system"


When the story appeared last week on a local news site, a spokesman for [the mayor] denied it. Then the spokesman acknowledged it was true


In September, he defended residents who wore yellow Star of David badges — like the ones Nazis forced Jews to wear — to protest a proposed mask mandate in Anchorage. “I think us borrowing that from them is actually a credit to them,” [the mayor] said, referring to Jews.


Juneau, the state capital, permanently shut off fluoride in its water system more than a decade ago; the cities of Fairbanks and Palmer followed. Anchorage, too, has had fitful efforts to end fluoride in its water system.

(Meanwhile, in New York
Eric Adams’ Top Criminal Justice Advisor Left NYPD Under a Cloud
just a few years ago, [he] found himself in a very different place — implicated in multiple criminal schemes involving money laundering, bribery and tax fraud.