Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Mel Magazine has an article that reads like a sponsored post for Nissan: "We All Live In Fear Of Nissan Drivers"

There's plenty of vicious shots at the brand (and lots of embeds), but:

it seems there is a very potent stigma against Nissans — and above all, against the Nissan Altima, a model produced since 1992 — as emblems of vehicular folly. There’s even a subreddit, r/NissanDrivers, that exists to catalogue the alleged sins of Nissan owners: They make illegal turns, total their cars while street racing and seem possessed by a death wish.   


TikTok has also savaged Nissan Altimas and the supposedly reckless, irresponsible, show-offy drivers said to be piloting them. Quite a few videos stage a typical encounter: You’re driving 80 or 100 miles an hour, only to be shocked when a Nissan zooms past, probably with their speakers on full-blast. A Nissan is never not “hauling ass,” as they say, and isn’t bound by the ordinary rules of traffic. It’s simply built differently. It was made to go rogue. 


He notes that a lot of Nissan GT-R drivers “are weirdos and criminals, but that’s a high-end supercar” and “doesn’t really count” in a discussion of mid-size sedans.