Tuesday, March 28, 2023

An Alabama senator is obstructing military promotions to protest the granting of abortion access to troops


between now and the end of the year, 650 general and flag officers will require Senate confirmation. Eighty of those are three and four-star generals or admirals


the list includes officers tapped to command naval forces in the Pacific and Middle East, as well as a military representative to the NATO Military Committee


[The senator] has indicated he won’t stop his obstruction of nominees unless the abortion policy is reversed or suspended.

Speaking of the military:

Jonathan Majors’ ad campaign for the U.S. Army, pulled after his Saturday arrest for allegedly assaulting a woman during a domestic dispute and since scrubbed from the organization’s official channels, was no ordinary sequence of commercials. The two spots, filmed in the Southern California area in January, were crucial components of a much larger ongoing rebranding effort for the military force as it pivots its recruitment message for Gen Z