Tuesday, March 21, 2023

From 1978, "The Sky Creatures: Living UFOs"

Amazon has it:

This extraordinary book has done what thousands of astrophysicists, exobiologists, and ufologists have failed to do. It breaks through the baffling UFO mystery to demonstrate the presence of living "critters" in the sky - a nearly invisible lifeform of unknown origin.

Drawing on the theories of Rudolf Steiner and Dr. Wilhelm Reich, "Sky Creatures" uniquely states - with photographic evidence - that UFOs are not extraterrestrial spaceships at all, but biological organisms inhabiting our own planet.

Written in clear, non-technical language, these pages present UFOs as they have never been presented before - as bio-organisms native to our atmosphere, living with us, side by side, unnoticed since the beginning of time. A must-have for serious ufologists.