Monday, March 6, 2023

"Nearly 50 squadron leaders" met with the with the head of the Israeli Air Force to protest the Netanyahu government's plan to weaken the courts

NYT, which says, "Both sides have accused each other of attempting a coup":

A plan by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to severely curtail the powers of Israel’s Supreme Court has prompted weeks of demonstrations, rattled the country’s technology sector and raised fears of political violence


[Military leadership] is most concerned about unrest within the Air Force, with reserve duty pilots increasingly upset over the government plans, the officials said. They also fear that they may be asked to engage in illegal operations, and that restraints on Israel’s judiciary may strengthen foreign calls to prosecute them in the International Criminal Court, the officials said. Reserve duty pilots often lead Israel’s regular airstrikes on Syria and the Gaza Strip, and would be involved in any major Israeli attack on nuclear facilities in Iran.

(They also ran an essay by Michael Bloomberg titled "Israel Is Courting Disaster")