Wednesday, March 15, 2023

PBS explores whether Haas Automation is violating US sanctions and supplying Russia’s arms industry

Here's the transcript if you don't want to watch. And from the response:
The PBS report acknowledges that Haas terminated its relationship with Abamet in March of 2022, but claims that customs records “put that account into doubt.”  The report claims that “at least 18 shipments were made to Russia directly from Haas worth $2.8 million from March 4 though October of last year.”  This is a complete falsehood, as Haas made no direct or indirect sales or shipments to Russia after March 3, 2022. 
Simply put, if any shipments of Haas manufactured machines or components occurred after March 3, 2022, such shipments were made, unbeknownst to Haas

(In March 2022, the Haas F1 team terminated its contract with a Russian sponsor and an unqualified Russian driver.)